I am a visual communication designer, a creative problem solver and a design thinker. I love working in the fields of experience, service and editorial design. Human centred design is a passion of mine as I enjoy working with people, and creating systems to improve wellbeing. I have just finished my Bachelor of Design with Honours, at Massey University of Wellington. I love dogs, really good food, swimming, and reading a good magazine.

Design to me, is a platform for change. It is more than a perfectly designed poster, or a beautifully kerned logo. Although having stunning aesthetics are a key part of the work I produce, having an equally stunning concepts make all the difference. 

Design thinking has pushed me to ask the important questions during my design process. What is the problem? What matters most? What are ways to try? Who are we designing for? Why do they care? Prototype. Prototype. Prototype. 

Design is human centred. It is caring, bold, beautiful, articulate, creative, research, usability, weird, wonderful, and life changing. 
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